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Pandemic EBT

Please update your address with the school to receive P-EBT.

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to School! We can't wait to see you. Check out our video so you know what to expect when you return for in-person learning.

Group A students in K,1,2 return 3/29/21 Group B K,1,2 returning 4/8/21
Group A students in 3,4,5 return 4/12 and Group B return 4/15/21

One Year of Virtual Learning

One Year of Virtual Learning. One Year of Zooms and Google Meets. One Year of, 'Can you hear me?' 'Your on mute,' 'Can you see my screen?' One year of missed high fives and hugs. One year of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SAFETY, EXCELLENCE.... Boys and Girls, we miss you. We hope to see you soon. #plazaproud

Academic Addendum

Updated Virtual and Hybrid Addendum

En Espanol: file:///C:/Users/mina.ardestani/Downloads/Academic%20Addendum%203-9-21%20Spanish%20.pdf

Synchronous Model

There will be a delay in hybrid learning. Students will begin a Synchronous Model starting March 22nd.

El 22 de marzo, estudiantes haran la transicion a al aprendizaje sincronico completo todos los dias.
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