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Principal's Challenge

Day 1:Make as many words as you can with ‘Coronavirus’ (Anagrams) (Crea palabras con la palabra- 'Coronavirus')

Pre-K (Teach someone at home how we wash our hands)

Day 2:PreK/k Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day draw a picture of a leprechaun with its rainbow and pot of gold! Draw a family of 4 leaf clovers, or make an Irish Flag- You choose!  

1-5th Write a story about a leprechaun and his pot of gold and rainbow, tell the story of how the holiday began, Write about a time you went to the parade, do some research, Fiction or NonFiction, just write! (dibujar un dibujo o escribir una historia sobre el día de San Patricio)

Day 3: CREATE SOMETHING- ANYTHING; a poem, a picture, a song, a sculpture- Let your imagination RUN WILD! (crear algo. Usa tu imaginación)

Day 4: Read a Book to someone at home (or have someone at home read you a book) (leer)

Day 5: Do three acts of kindness over the weekend. (hacer tres actos agradables)

Day 6: Have a DANCE Party for 20 minutes! (baila para veinte minutos)

Day 7: Practice math facts today (practicar Practique los hechos matemáticos

Day 8: Log on to GOOGLE CLASSROOM and say Hi! If you do not know how, email Ms. Ardestani or call the school between 9:00 and 12:00 (Va a Google Classroom and escribe hola)
Day 9: Call someone you love and check in with them (Llama alguien en su familia)
Day 10: Draw and Picture, Make a card to send to or send thank you cards to Ms. Ardestani for grocery store employees. tomar un correo electrónico de dibujo para